Welcome to Golden Stream Estate in Bydlino!

Economic profits

Living in the “Golden Stream” estate is a profitable investment – thanks to the photovoltaic panels used to produce energy. Devices such as heat pumps and recuperators guarantee the low heat energy creating costs. Those who live in our buildings carry the minimal costs, which is caused by combining energy-efficient systems and modern building technology.

Ecologic profits

Using the photovoltaic panels, heat pumps and recuperators makes the building environmentally friendly. Our ecological project of the “Golden Stream” estate was prepared in order to focus on the lowest possible integration in the natural environment. We reduce the fossil fuel usage and the emission of greenhouse gas, which contributes to better air quality and inhabitants’ health. That style of living is a conscious, socially responsible and proper choice.

Living comfort

Our buildings are constructed in a modern way, maintaining high isolative capacities. Energy-efficiency gives comfort. We are the first on the local market that decided to use devices and technologies that use renewable energy. What is important, all those solutions were integrated in one system. Floor heating and recuperation are the elements that contribute to the high living standard.

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Live in an energy-efficient house and pay lower costs!

Our energy-efficient buildings combine modern engineering with renewable energy sources. Using the photovoltaic panels, heat pumps and recuperation makes the building more environmentally friendly and less expensive.

Houses built with an energy-efficient technology

Innovative solutions and high class materials

Houses equipped with innovative solutions

Photovoltaic panels

Heat pumps


Comfort of living with low maintenance costs

Annual electricity consumption below 40kW/m²

Heating from the floor

WIZKA 800x500cm 50dpi pomniejszone na strone„Golden stream” is a quiet and elegant estate of energy-efficient apartments and flats just beyond the city – in Bydlino.

Combination of the stylish architectural form, modern energy supplying systems and proximity of nature makes it everyone’s „home sweet home”. The whole estate will be under surveillance of professional security service. Investment has been divided in two parts. The first part of the investment covers the building of fourteen two-storey buildings. In each one of them there are four apartments of 82,89 m² to 115,26 m². Each one has a carport or a garage. The second part covers the building of seventeen three-storey buildings. This part consists of 261 flats ranging from 36 to 63 m².